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Choose your eyeglass frame according to the shape of the face

When we have to wear glasses, usually we will try every frame forms available in the shop to find the pair that suits us best. But knowing from the start the form best suited glasses face shape, we can save time but also avoid possible errors of taste.

As a general rule, the frame must be the opposite of the shape of the face. But these indications are valid in theory. Ask your optician for advice!

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Please select the shape of your face to determine what types of frames suit you best:


The width and the length are of the same proportion and not angular. This type of face is wider at the cheeks.
In order to make a round face thinner and longer, we will prefer more angular frames.

Type of glasses : rectangular frames.


This type of face has balanced proportions. It is of ideal shape.

Type of glasses : every frame shape suits them !


The face is elongated from the forehead to the chin. Some have a prominent chin.
In order to reduce this effect of length and to give a more balanced aspect, it is necessary to choose forms of frames with branches more prominent and visible.

Type of glasses : rectangular, rounded, with more voluminous branches.


The face narrows sharply towards the chin. This one tends to end in a point. The forehead is wider.

Type of glasses : frames or characteristics (color, effect, decoration, …) more accentuated at the base.


This type of face has a wider jaw and a narrower forehead. To add width on the upper part of the face, you should opt for frames that are strongly accentuated on the upper part.

Type of glasses : cat eye eyeglasses or colored more strongly marked on the top.


Angular in shape, the face is narrower at the base of the eyes and jaw. The cheekbones are prominent.

Type of glasses : cat eye, butterfly or oval.


The forehead, the cheekbones, and the jaw are of the same proportion.

Type of glasses : fine, oval or rather large frames with rounded contours

Finally, for small and very fine faces, it is preferable to choose fairly thin acetate glasses that emphasize the facial features.

Type of glasses : fairly thin acetate frames.


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